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Italian creativity, professional artisanship and passion for beauty are our signature signs.

Gerardo is an Italian artisan with 30 years of experience in jewelry making. He traveled all over the world and in his creations he puts his eclectic visions. He dedicated his life to the craft of creating unique jewelry of exceptional quality.

His creative visions, the old-world artisanship and the modern technologies blend together in his jewels. When he is not working or practicing yoga you can find him on the seashore of South Beach in Miami.

His creations want to celebrate the joy of living in harmony with ourselves, the others and the world around us.

Gerardo is from Valenza Po (Italy), he raised and studied design and jewelry making. With over 150 years of handcrafted jewelry and jewelry design tradition, Valenza is the most important centre in Italy, known worldwide for its high level of technical expertise and knowledge.